Jade's Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure
Jade's Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure
Jade's Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure
Jade's Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure

Jade's Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure


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In association with Down Syndrome Ireland, Special Olympics Ireland and the Dreamscape Foundation, let us introduce you to the heroes of our new book, Jade & Nora and discover the amazing adventure they're about to take you on. 

The ever inventive Princess Jade and her robot monkey Hou Hou must save the Special Olympics that are threatened by a massive storm. With the help of Nora, a Special Olympian swimmer and lifeguard who has Down Syndrome, they must fix the stadium roof in time or stop the storm to prevent the big event from being completely cancelled. 


Many stories and fairy tales have an idle Princess just waiting for someone to come and save them (usually a handsome Prince)… but NOT here. In this story, Princess Jade and Nora are adventurous, determined, hardworking and independent thinkers. Your kids will be inspired to be strong minded like Jade & Nora while being entertained by their amazing adventure. Let’s Teach, Encourage, Inspire!

Our Inspiration for the Book


About the Book!
Inspired by my daughter Jade and her wonderful cousin Nora. I decided to create this book. Nora, who has Down Syndrome aspires to be a Special Olympic athlete. On seeing her amazing swimming ability and playing lifeguard with Jade, this made me realise that both Jade and Nora are creative, brave and caring girls who can, and will, do anything they put their minds to. And that was the inspiration for the book. Read how these girls work together to save the day, proving just how capable they really are. Gavin Leonard, Creator of Not Just a Princess

Reading these Stories
Triggers Critical Thinking  
Showcases Bravery 
Encourages Equality 
Inspires Independence 
Stimulates Ambition


....a sneak peek from the book   

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The New Characters

Princess Jade is a creative young girl who is eager to learn everything that she can about the world around her. Despite her royal status, she sees herself as more than JUST a Princess.

She invents robots, vehicles and tools that allow her to help those around her as she learns valuable lessons. Brave, ambitious and headstrong, she is constantly finding herself in difficult situations. Watch her as she disappears into her secret underground lab where she stores her creations and launches into action!

Hou Hou is Jade's robotic monkey who was built by her own hand. Jade, an only child, created a companion with whom she could explore the world and have adventures with.

Hou Hou is careful and cautious so he's the perfect balance to Jade and her exuberant behaviour. Enjoy his quirky sense of humour as he tries to guide Princess Jade in their escapades!



'Cons' of The Princess Culture
"Princess culture has pros and cons for children's development.
On the one hand the world of princesses is one of rich imagination and magical thought while on the other it can perpetuate an ideology of princesses being passive as they await rescue where the focus is all too often on how they look rather than what they do. Any books, programs or other play stimulus that challenges this and portrays princesses as agents of action with exciting and interesting storylines is to be embraced and welcomed and is good for our children's development.
The Not Just a Princess series is based on challenging the Princess stereotype and puts the Princess front and centre of their own story.''

Joanna Fortune is a Psychotherapist and author of the 15-Minute Parenting series of books http://www.solamh.com