What a week it has been!!

What a week it has been... the launch, the site stalling, the printing started, lots and lots of interviews but for me the most magical of all was seeing Nora open the box with our newest title, Jade's Fan-tastic Athletic Adventure! I really feel that with all of our books "if they can SEE it, they can BE it". 

Second to that was the moment that I was on a train, and in front of me was a older man looking after his grandchildren. His granddaughter was having a FULL on meltdown and there was nothing that he could do. I took a copy out of the bag and said... "perhaps this might help". As they read the story, his granddaughter stopped crying and started to ask questions about the story. "What is the Special Olympics?", "who is Hou Hou?" "is Nora going to be able to save Hou Hou?". It was SUCH a beautiful moment. I only WISH i had it on camera

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